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Hi! I'm Shilene Aaron, creator of The Mama Mogul.

When I became a single mother of two kids, I struggled to regain clarity of my dreams and goals. It took years for me to realize that even though being a mom is one of my most important missions in life, it's not my only mission. 

After accepting this truth backed by Proverbs 31, I reclaimed power over my purpose, picked up the pieces of my ambitions that I had tossed aside, and founded The Mama Mogul.

My goal is for this platform to inspire and encourage moms to thrive in motherhood and womanhood. With Christ at the core, The Mama Mogul will help you find the courage, passion, and humility necessary to walk in your calling.

Consider The Mama Mogul to be a non-judgemental, shame-free safe space where you have full permission to be yourself.